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Tacobel Canon
28th-Oct-2006 01:58 pm
MLP/Derpy Hooves is the best
1. Don't see any files here? That's because you have to join the community to download things.

2. Files will be zipped in Rar format. In order to open these files, you'll have to download WinRar or something like that to decompress the file.

3. Files will be upped on Megaupload, so there's no need to Right Click -> Save As here.

4. Music will be in mp3 file if I'm not being stupid at the time. If I forget to convert the CD in mp3 format, you might get some AAC files. Tell me and I'll reupload for you. Or, you could convert them yourself if the file's huge.

5. If you go into the archives and want an album, but it has expired, just tell me and I'll reupload it for you.

6. Please comment when taking! I like to know who's taking what!

7. If you're looking for artists that I've uploaded albums for, go to the album list post and click on the link.
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